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🏆Just Say WOW! Harrisburg’s Winner Of Alignable’s SmallBiz Story Search Revealed Today

Chuck Casto from Alignable Oct 3rd, 2019

Today’s a big day for the great storytellers in our network!

After reviewing thousands of funny, emotional, and inspirational entries, plus heartfelt comments from our members, we’re happy to announce the local small businesspeople who’ve just won the first phase of our WOW-Worthy SmallBiz Story Search.

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Harrisburg’s Best Small Business Storyteller for 2019 is Brian Williams of Brian Williams Creative

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Wow Worthy Story Contest

What’s The Craziest Small Biz Story You’ve Experienced?

Answered by:

Brian Williams

Brian Williams Creative

This isn’t directly involved with my voice over business, but it’s related. When I worked in full-time radio I would supplement my income with voice work and by spinning records in bars and clubs. After my ongoing Wednesday happy hour gigs, a former broadcaster would take me aside to chat about radio.

One day I was frustrated with the direction of the station where I worked and blurted, “The only way to do radio right is to do it yourself.” I don’t even recall what the issue(s) may have been.

The following Wednesday this gentleman arrived with large topographical maps and research about the FCC opening new FM frequencies around the country and offering them for bid. He stated, “If you really want to do it yourself, here’s your chance.”

After more investigation, bringing in two additional partners, and bidding on a frequency in an under-served, growing resort area, we won the bid. We were now owners in the radio business!

For a broadcaster who started on the air at age 15, there isn’t much more professionally satisfying than planning and building your own studios, hiring a loyal staff, and implementing your own fun format.

Even more satisfying were meeting lifelong friends, the opportunity to broadcast play-by-play high school baseball and football state championship games, and volunteering station resources to help the region to thrive.

Eventually we purchased a competitor, the area’s traditional AM station, to diversify our programming and capture a different target audience (and attract more regional advertisers by offering packages with exposure on both stations). After nearly 13 years from the time we signed on our original FM, we sold both stations to a regional broadcast group.

I feel so fortunate to have experienced this dream come true. I still enjoy the memories and maintain friendships with many who were involved with our venture.

Please contact me if I can help you tell your story.

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  1. And I certainly appreciated the opportunity you gave me!! Loved my time there with you all. Thanks for the memories!!!
    Deb Zeigler Sedok (you know me as Debbie B)

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